Glowing review from ecommerce client

A glowing review I received from a client that I thought I must share:

To whom it may concern.

I’m writing to share my experience with Atherton Web Design, the web developer who created my web­-site Antler Crazed Fool.

After a great deal of web ­developer research, taking many hours to study the port­folios of major Cairns and Townsville web­site developers, I was delighted to find a small local business, Atherton Web Design offering the expertise I required.

My research with larger web ­design businesses in both Cairns and Townsville involved in ­depth study of their business port­folios with follow -­up business meetings. The outcome of such effort revealed a sad acknowledgement of such businesses turning out standard web ­design templates with little creativity on the web developers behalf. The prices quoted before any talk of customisation of such templates were enough to take your breath away!

I then chanced upon Atherton Web Design, being pleasantly surprised to find a business that didn’t involve a lengthy drive for consultation.

From this point onwards, the situation only improved.

The owner, Jennifer Cox, who works from her home office, proved to be warm and outgoing.

Jennifer has extensive experience within her industry, having worked for larger Sydney ­based companies with the dream to return to her child­hood area, the Atherton Tablelands, to raise her children.

Jennifer’s imagination and creativity far exceeded my own expectations whilst working on my web­site. Jennifer gained an understanding of my sites requirement to come across professionally.

This was not only achieved, but I’m very proud to say, we’ve achieved an outcome that surpasses all of my larger, foreign competitor web­sites in both creative and aesthetic design.

Jennifer took great effort to gain an accurate understanding of my desired web­site outcome and provided continual guidance and suggestion throughout the web ­development process. Jennifer’s business also provided additional technical skill ­sets during the site’s construction, furthering the final end ­product.

The final web­site product not only achieved a level of sophistication and development well above the major players in her field, but came in at one third the price! I’m so pleased with her website end ­product, I’ve suggested to Jennifer we enter the site into a national or state web development competition, for I’m sure we’ll take out some category within such a competition.

If not convinced by my report, simply check out the web­site ‘‘ for an indication of what Jennifer’s capable of. I’m so much more than a happy customer, such a rare experience in today’s dog eat dog world.

So don’t settle for a web developer that will simply get you across the line, visit Atherton Web Design, you’ll be delighted.

Steve Hey

E-­commerce Web Site: AntlerCrazedFool