Brochure Site (Landing Page): when you need a page for a site but are either not ready to manage your own content or just want to tell people where you are and how to find you. This package offers a site when you just need a site, 1 page which tells everyone who you are what you do where to contact you and includes a contact us form. We will still provide the same consultation and advice on how to market your website to rank on google.

What’s included:

  • Design & Development of website template
  • Advice on what attracts the Search Engines to your website and web statistics setup on your site.¬†

Please note this site can only be edited by someone with html knowledge. Changes after launch are charged at $70/hr. If you want to change to a Content Management System later, the price is the same as a new site. So an alternative maybe to discuss a payment plan for a content management system so you can edit it yourself later if you can’t afford a larger site yet.

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