E-commerce Business Website

Ecommerce sites can be very expensive to set up. Some are for  5 figures by some other companies. I have been doing Ecommerce sites for 10 years and with the advent of new plugins for WordPress it is more affordable than ever to start your online business. You can sell through Etsy and facebook, but this does not grow your brand, show customers that you are serious and drives traffic to these other sites not directly to your business. You could also try a do it yourself subscription service, but this means you have to continue to pay for the site forever and you have to do the site yourself! Over a 5 year period a subscription online web DIY program not only can end up costing you more money than a custom designed site in long run, but they also often have hidden costs that your not aware of till you have put in the effort or their payment gateways take a larger percentage than your bank and they charge you on top to use your own payment gateway options. Plus on top as your doing it yourself, how do you know what the site is costing in you in lost revenue? Using a experienced web designer and digital marketer you can grow your business with professional knowledge, wipe your hands of web design and concentrate on what you are good at!

What’s included:

  • Domain name registration for 2 years
  • Web hosting for 1 year 
  • 5-10 email accounts to give your business a professional look
  • Content Management System so you can edit the website at anytime
  • Step-by-Step content management training
  • Design & Development of website template
  • 5-6 pages created for you in order to build your business presence online.
  • Products can be added by you or added by us
  • Advice on what attracts the Search Engines to your website and web statistics setup on your site, what payment gateways to use, ecommerce workflows digital marketing and retaining browsers. The list never ends here. What you are unsure on I can fill the gap.

If you have any questions about a content management system or online subscription services for e-commerce and what is best for your business; Feel free to contact me for a no obligation free consult.